Pocket Gamer's board game retrospective - Galaxy Trucker

Trucking to the stars

Pocket Gamer's board game retrospective - Galaxy Trucker
| Galaxy Trucker

This time on our retrospective we're going to look at one of the most interesting board games that the App Store has to offer. It's called Galaxy Trucker, and it's all about building your own spaceship using a deck of cards.

The game is split into two phases. First there's a mad scramble against the clock to grab the components of your ship from a pile of face-down cards.

This can result in some ridiculous contraptions as you cobble together what you can from the cards you receive.

Then you get to fly around space in your rickets or well put-together vessel. A deck of event cards tells you what happens to all of the players, and if you managed to finish your ship first in the building phase, you'll get a boost here.

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If anything this digital version of the game takes away a lot of problems of the physical original. The time it takes to work out what's happened is taken out of your hands. You flip a card, and the results are applied.

And it even adds a wonderful single player mode that lets you explore the galaxy, and there's an excellent narrative threaded through it all that'll make you eager to pass its tests and find out what happens next.

Plus you can play online, or in a hot seat asynchronous mode. Galaxy Trucker has pretty much everything you'll want from a mobile board game, and if you haven't played it yet, it should be your next port of call.