Updated April 25th, 1:20 PM - Clash Wars is finally out on iOS and Android. To learn more about what you'll be doing during the two-day battles, head over here.

Updated April 23rd, 12:06 PM - As we mentioned on our 'Everything we know about Clan Wars' post, Supercell finally confirmed that this major update is on its way, but the big question is: when?

After Clash Royale's official Twitter account dropped its announcement Tweet, the two tweets that followed were 'APR' and '24'. I don't know about you, but I'll bet that we'll be able to get our hands on the awesome mode as early as tomorrow, April 24th.

This also coincides with the game's big balance update, so keep your eyes open, kids.

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Original post:

There's some rumours spreading that Supercell is working on a Clan Wars update for its card-based MOBA Clash Royale, but there's little information available on it.

We've already covered what little we do know elsewhere, but the big question is, when will the new mode actually launch?

Well, we have an idea when that might be, and we reckon our source is pretty reliable – its Clash Royale's own Twitter account.
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In a reply made on March 27th, the Clash Royale account stated that the next update for the game is looking likely to launch sometime in mid-April.

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that Clan Wars will definitely come with the next update. In fact, it could be nothing at all.

But, buried within another Twitter thread is a screenshot of a Clash Royale account reportedly saying that the company doesn't like to share too many things about its updates before they're submitted.

The Clash Royale account then replied with this:

It's not exactly concrete, but there's certainly enough here to assume that Clan Wars, in whatever form, should be coming to Clash Royale in mid-April. We'll be sure to let you know more about its launch date when we get new info.