Physics puzzlers can be really cool and inventive, and supertype is really something that catches your eye. It's simple, tidy, coming to iOS on April 25th, and you can pre-order it right now for 99p/99c.

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What may look like block typing and random shapes stuck on a piece of old paper quickly turns into something super cool as the letters cut loose and fall into the puzzle. If you need help visualising that, just look at the trailer above.

Supertype is a physics-based puzzler where you need to type the right letters to get the job done. What seems like an insignificant collection of jumbled letters could turn out to be the solution, and I can already tell you'll feel super cool doing it.

With over 100 levels, no timers, and a self-generating soundtrack, I'm interested to see how the game plays out. It looks great in the trailer, but what about the longevity? Will it repeat itself a lot? How easy will it be to solve the puzzles?

But, then again, I'm such a huge puzzle nerd that I can't help be excited about this one.