Ever wondered who would win between a gladiator and a snake? Luckily for you, Black Gladiator aims to answer that question and it's out right now iOS and Android.

Of course, you won't only battle snakes. There are 22 different enemies to battle here, and you can face a combination of any of them during play.

Each enemy has a different fighting style and abilities, so you'll have to adapt to each of them individually if you hope to survive.

You play as the eponymous Black Gladiator himself, and battle these creatures in a minimalist arena.

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To help you in the battles ahead, you can equip a variety of different weapons and armour, from helmets, to armour, and even swords and hammers.

Much like the enemies, each piece of equipment has a unique ability, so you can adapt your character to match your playstyle.

If you think there's a lot going on in Black Gladiator, you'd be right. But it won't be overwhelming thanks to a nifty one touch control system that makes playing an absolute breeze on mobile.

So if you fancy battling hordes of enemies as a gladiator in an arena, go ahead and grab Black Gladiator in the App Store or Google Play right now.