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The latest Humble Bundle is one that's going to be of interest to budding bedroom coders. That's because it features the really rather wonderful GameMaker Studio Pro.

For just a dollar you can bag yourself the software that was used to make games like Undertale, Nuclear Throne, Hotline Miami, and Hyperlight Drifter. Now that's a bargain and a half.

If you're willing to fork out $15 or more though, you'll also get everything you need to make games for Android and iOS. Which means I could be writing about you in these hallowed pages in the not too distant future.

There are games included in the bundle too, and they come with their source code too, so you can see how they've been put together.

You can find out more about everything that's included in the bundle in the trailer back at the top of this here article. And I hope you make many excellent games. Just make sure I get a credit in them, yeah?

Oh, and because I like you, here's a list of everything that's included in the bundle.

Pay $1 or more
  • GameMaker Studio Pro
  • Games: Cook, Serve, Delicious; Uncanny Valley, Ink Shep Hard (and source code), Angry Chicken: Egg Madness! (and source code)
  • Source code: Extreme Burger Defense, Freeway Mutant
Pay the average
  • HTML5 Module
  • Games: Home, Solstice, Galactic Missile Defense (and source code)
  • Source code: Cook, Serve, Delicious; Ink, Uncanny Valley, 10 Second Ninja X
Pay $15 or more
  • Android, iOS, Windows UWP Modules
  • Games: Flop Rocket (and source code)
  • Source code: Home, Solstice