Yesterday you'll probably have read the fact that Nintendo had some Fire Emblem: Heroes news to spill in a 10-minute presentation. Just to keep you in the loop, here's what it was about.

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As I'd previously predicted, the entirety of the presentation was in Japanese (which I don't speak very well), but thankfully an English record of events came about earlier today.

To keep it short and simple there were about five points that came up.

  • Xander's Grand Hero Battle

    • The Nohrian Prince will be arriving on May 2nd.

  • Arena Renewal

    • You'll be able to receive orbs depending on the arena's rank. The higher the tier, the more orbs you'll get.

  • May's Voting Gauntlet

    • It's time for the Mages to go at each other to determine the sorcerer supreme. These include: Linde, Tharja, Merric, Leo, Henry, and more.

  • Teaser reel

    • As suggested, the stream ran a quick teaser reel showing off what's coming in the next few months. This included a quick look at Masked Lucina, so you might be able to collect her sometime soon.

  • Golden Week celebration

    • Golden Week is a collection of Japanese holidays which Nintendo will be celebrating in-game. There'll be a Hero Festival summoning banner, with a Focus for Takumi, Ryoma, Hector, and Azura.

    • There'll also be a omikuji feature where you'll be able to full fortunes in-game and work alongside other players to achieve a goal. If the goal's met you'll get 10 Orbs. You can also grab up to 5,000 Feathers if enough are 'extra good luck'.

The Golden Week celebration starts tonight and runs until May 7th, so check out the game on the App Store or on Google Play if you fancy joining in.

Source: Nintendo Wire