If you were one of the many folks disappointed by No Man's Sky, maybe Morphite will offer you some of the space exploration you were hoping for - just, in a mobile package.

With the game on the edge of completion but still a little ways off release, let's start getting pumped by refreshing our memories. Here's what we know so far.

What is it?

Morphite is a atmospheric exploration game inspired by classic titles like Ratchet and Clank, Metroid Prime, and Turok.

Aside from a rich, single-player story experience, there's also a huge open-world side to the game too just perfect for the explorers among you.

What's the story, morning glory?

In the far future, where humankind has already populated the far reaches of outer space, you'll play as Myrah Kale, a young woman living on a space station alongside her surrogate father, Mr. Mason.

During a textbook exploratory mission to gather supplies for their workshop, Myrah accidentally unearths facts about her unknown past and her relationship to an ultra-rare material called Morphite.

To unlock more of her past, Myrah needs to travel to undiscovered planets and explore the uncharted sectors of space in search of Morphite.

So, how big is it?

The main arch of Morphite takes place over 15 hand-crafted planets, each one offering up a unique environment. There'll be differing landscapes, enormous beasts, and, of course, the local alien lifeforms.

That includes checking out questionable space stations that are either abandoned or teeming with non-human life.

That doesn't sound that big.

Well, that's just for the main story. If you want to pack up and take your adventuring on the - er - space road, you can explore hundreds of procedurally generated planets if you want to.

Gather information on curious creatures, solve head-scratching puzzles, and more.

Okay, so we can scan stuff and collect things - what else?

Aside from ambling about and exploring, you have a plethora of things to keep you busy.

You can hit the markets and trade your information and resources to upgrade your ships and weapons.

Before you ask, you'll need decent ships and weapons to take on enemy ships in real-time space combat. Oh, and big bosses, don't forget those.

For exploring you'll also need to get upgrades for your suit to help you survive harsher conditions. You don't to go all Prometheus on your adventure and ruin your own fun. No, sir.

What about compatibility?

It'll be coming to iOS and Android, at least. In terms of iOS devices, Morphite should run from iPad 4/iPhone 5 and up, and should be iOS 7 compatible.

It'll also be coming to Steam, Apple TV, and it'll have controller support.

How much is it and when will Crescent Moon shut up and take my money?

Sadly, these answers still have question marks over them. We know that it'll hopefully be coming out sometime this spring if everything goes to plan, but with something this ambitious there's always room for delay.

Price-wise, we don't know that either. Crescent Moon put out a rough estimate of between £/$4.99-£/$7.99, which sounds about right for a game like this.

Is there a trailer?


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