Updated: Original list by Emily Sowden, Updated by Jupiter Hadley on December 15th, 2020.

So, it's Christmas and you're surrounded by family. Whether this is your idea of heaven or hell, you've always got games to help break the ice and keep things interesting. There are tons and tons of games out there, but you may be wondering what the best games are to keep your family entertained and to show off your own skills as you are clearly the best gamer in the bunch.

Thankfully, Pocket Gamer is here to help you do just that, with these ten games that are perfect for playing with family. You can find yourself racing cars around, fighting each other, taking on a game of golf, singing, fighting over a single screen and so much more, all through the games on this list - which are well worth downloading onto your phone before Christmas is actually here. You may even want to practice a bit on your own, so that you are sure to beat your long rivals within your family.

Let's get onto this list of wonderful games, all multiplayer, that can be played right from mobile devices.