Bear with me. This is going to be one of those super short pieces that only hint at information without actually having much to say about it, but here it goes: come next year we'll be getting a new Bill & Ted game on mobile, Bill & Ted Wyld Stallyns.

Are you excited yet?

Oh no, you heard me right. After only a handful of Bill & Ted games hit up the mobile scene in the past, we're very much looking forward to this one. Bill & Ted Wyld Stallyns is currently in early development, and pretty much the only thing we absolutely know about it is that it's got the full support from Creative Licensing (Bill & Ted's brand owner), and it's got a pretty sweet looking character style.

The game is so far slated for release sometime in 2017 and will be coming to both iOS and Android. We'll be sure to keep you updated as more information comes to light. Check out the official website here for some excellent reading.