Updated: 18/05/2020, original post date 18/05/2016

If you've played Slither.io for any length of time, you'll almost certainly have found yourself wondering "just how big can I get?"

Well, I guess there's theoretically no upper limit. Though the server would start to suffer and splutter before you got too massive.

But what about actual, real-world records? What's the longest snake that any player has commanded? For that, we need to turn to YouTube.

These four videos show some of the most enormous snakes ever and the one at the bottom is - at the time of writing - the longest Slither.io snake we've seen so far.

Better yet, you can get tips and advice just by watching how these top players perform. So, pencil and notepad at the ready as you watch.

Final Score - 199,743

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Gamemar says it took four hours of non-stop slithering to get this huge score. Don't worry: the video itself is only 10 minutes long. It ends the player getting surrounded by other snakes, before he's finally squished to death.

Final Score - 208,861

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Hero Clan does a lot of coiling around smaller snakes, which is always good advice. Now, you might notice that Hero keeps zooming the screen out to get a better view of this situation: sadly, this is thanks to a mod for the browser version and no such feature exists in the mobile edition. Boo-urns.

Final Score - 223,267

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TVPlush has a very respectable score. There is more zooming out shenanigans in this one, which suggests it's a very helpful tip if you're playing on PC. Plus, coiling around smaller snakes continues to be a great strategy.

Final Score - 370,232

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But wow! Nothing can beat this right now. Four days ago, MikePTCGO recorded this ridiculous feat. He was celebrating at 100,000. And at 200,000. But this game got real when he passed 300,000. No one's going to be defeating this record any time soon.

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