Which control scheme is the best in Slither.io?

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Which control scheme is the best in Slither.io?
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In the latest Slither.io update, two new control schemes were introduced that give you greater control over your snakey fiend. There's Joystick mode, Arrow mode, and the original mode now dubbed 'Classic'.

Now, if you're anything like us you'll likely have opened the game and screamed: "What is going on?!" That's a fair reaction - change is scary.

But don't panic just yet. Pocket Gamer has been brave for you, and tested out the three control schemes extensively to give you a definitive answer. Read on to discover which one's best.


Classic (as the name suggests) is the mode you're most used to. You slide your greasy finger or thumb over your device's screen, leaving a snail-like trail which the snake follows.

It's not the most reliable control scheme of the three, as your digit has to traverse the entirety of the screen. That's annoying because it both distorts your view of the action and is quite uncomfortable during longer playing sessions.

However, there are two points in this control scheme's favour. Firstly, there are no horrible virtual controls clogging up the screen. We know a huge number of mobile gamers find this gross to look at.

Secondly, if you're used to the browser version you'll likely be instantly more familiar with this control scheme, so may favour it over the more mobile versions.


Joystick mode is the most precise of the three - if also the ugliest. You control the snake with your thumb, using a virtual joystick on the lower left of the screen. This allows you to perform evasive maneuvers like loop the loops with far greater speed and precision than the other modes allow.

To speed up, you only have to hold your thumb on the right of the screen. There's no double-tapping necessary which is much faster and more precise than the other modes.

The downside is, as previously mentioned, the ugly buttons clogging up the screen. Those of you who favour gameplay and precision won't care but us shallow types will be well sad.

Arrow mode

Don't be sad for too long though, as Arrow mode is the best of both worlds. You can play it in the exact same fashion as Joystick mode (there's an invisible joystick on the left of the screen) but without the ugly buttons.

There's also a handy arrow placed over the head of your snake, which helps you determine the direction you're moving in. I'm not exactly sure why this is necessary, as this was never unclear to me. But those who can't leave the house without a compass will likely be pleased.

Shallow types will, again, be crying tears of frustrated rage at the sight of that ugly arrow, but those who want the absolute most precision (or are directionally challenged) will be in their element.

Get on with it! Which is the best one?

I could pretend to be fair and say they're all good in their own way. But I'd be wrong. There's a clear winner here, and it's the Joystick mode.

Quit being so shallow, silly reader, and get over the ugly buttons. They simply allow you to play the game with far more precision than any of the other modes and that's far more important than it looking a little nicer.

And not having an arrow over the snake's head is a massive plus. Seriously, who even needs that? It's as if the developer is trying to troll us.

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