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Runestone Keeper is a new tactical roguelike featuring classes to unlock, gear to equip, and gods to worship.

While the game certainly seems reminiscent of the Dungelot series, Runestone Keeper expands that tile-exploring formula with extensive RPG elements.

Choosing from six classes, your hero descends floor-by-floor, exploring each level for keys and items. Dark tiles can reveal everything from chests and traps to enemies and altars.

Combat is as simple as tapping on enemy tiles, but is given depth due to each monster's unique skills. A knight can deflect damage to other enemies, while a vampire is able to turn inflicted damage into health.

You can counter these powerful foes with your own skills and loadout. Equipment can buff your stats, items can give you temporary advantages over enemies, and sacrificing at altars can imbue your hero with powerful stat boosts.

Runestone Keeper is available for £2.29 / $2.99 on iPad, as well as on Steam.