What would happen if Hearthstone got very drunk one night and stumbled into the slimy arms of a card battler? Spellstone might happen. If games could reproduce. Which I really hope they can't.

The game starts off pretty simply. It's a one-on-one card matching scrap and it doesn't appear to be all that deep. As you play you'll unlock new cards with special moves, and upgrade materials, that give the whole thing at least a smattering of tactics.

You've only ever got three cards to lay, and the aim of the game is bashing down your opponent's health bar. Each card has an attack and defence score, and you'll unlock special moves as you upgrade and fuse your monsters.

It doesn't have the same level of deck-building customisation as Blizzard's CCG, but there's a lot here to like all the same.

Don't expect it to to suck you into a Beautiful Mind-style swirl of numbers and possible permutations, but if you're after a card battler with some actual meat on its bones, you could do worse than this.

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