Activision has announced that it'll be bringing three games to Apple TV this autumn.

We've got the details on all three of them for you go through below.

Guitar Hero Live

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The first is Guitar Hero Live. You'll need a Bluetooth guitar controller to play it and, yep, it'll work across all Apple device (iOS and Apple TV).

Guitar Hero Live is named so due to it putting a live action film of a crowd in front of you as you hit the notes.

The idea is to give you the feeling that you're actually playing a concert. The crowd even changes its mood, booing and cheering depending on how well you play.

Activision says Guitar Hero Live will be out "next month" so there's not long to wait.

Skylanders SuperChargers

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Second up is Skylanders SuperChargers. It's Skylanders as we've come to know it but with the added feature of bringing vehicles to life.

This is why the "Portal of Power," which brings the Skylanders toys to life, is significantly bigger for SuperChargers.

About half of the game is completed by driving and there are three types of vehicle to do it in - land, sea, and air.

Skylanders SuperChargers is coming out for consoles this month. Hopefully the iOS and Apple TV versions won't be far behind.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved

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Finally we have Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved, which is the only game out of these three that's already available on mobile.

Apparently, the Apple TV version will have something more added to it.

"It builds on all of the 3D action and competitive online multiplayer levels and modes fans got to enjoy when the game originally launched late last year," Activision said.

If you don't know, it's a frantic psychedelic shoot 'em up that has you blasting enemies into fireworks.

There are 50 levels that take you across hostile 3D planets and taking on puzzle-like bosses. We gave it a Gold Award so you know it's good.