Who needs Mario Maker anyway?

Badland got its own level editor today and you don't need to fork out any cash for it either.

It's a streamlined version of the editor that Badland's creators use make the main game. It's just been made a little easier for us to use.

You're able to place, scale, and rotate objects throughout the levels. You can make mazes, traps, and even create vehicles if you're creative enough.

Once you've finished your level, you can then publish it for other players to have a go at it. There's user-rating system so hopefully the best levels rise to the top.

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Plus, the developers will pick one user-created level a week to add to the main game in an ever-evolving chapter called "Eternal Day."

Three levels made by the level editor's beta testers have already been added to Eternal Day so you can check those out immediately to get some ideas.

The update is available to anyone who already owns Badland so purchase it for £2.99 / $3.99 on the App Store if you haven't already.