We don't get too many stealth games on mobile so the arrival of Winter Fugitives on August 20th is welcome.

HeavyBoat, the studio behind it, says Winter Fugitives is all about escaping an isolated prison stuck up in the snowy mountains.

Apparently, when the game starts, all of the inmates on your ward have already proceeded with the plan prison break. This leaves you on your own trying to play catch up.

You'll have to creep around walls to avoid guards. Sometimes, you'll also need to attack or bribe them, too.

On your way, it's also possible to free some of your fellow inmates who were captured on the way out. Upon doing so, you can "get information to unveil the secret behind a prison break that seems a little too perfect…"

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While it does concern steel walls and hardened criminals, Winter Fugitives is wrapped up in a friendly-looking, quasi-graphic novel art style, making it pop in the screenshots.

One to look forward to then, hopefully. We'll find out when Winter Fugitives arrives on iOS and Android next week.