It's been out on Android for a while, but now the award-winning exploration game Seek: Find Your Friends has found its way to iOS. It's also totally free, with no IAPs in sight.

FivePixels' game sees you playing as a child looking for their friends on a mysterious island. Each friend you find changes the way the game looks, which will help you find the next friend.

It relies on your device's gyroscope and accelerometer to look around the world, while the touch screen is used for actual movement.

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The developer recommends you have plenty of space and a swivel chair handy to make the most of the game.

Just remember you might look like a bit of berk spinning around at the office staring at your phone.

It might be worth it though, as the game has picked up numerous awards, including the BAFTA Scotland New Talent prize.

You can get Seek: Find Your Friends for free from the App Store and Google Play.