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Nitrome is bringing out its bird flinging platformer Cooped Up for iOS tomorrow - yes, Wednesday, May 6th.

The studio teased it in a Vine previously but now there's a proper teaser that you can watch above.

As you'll see, you pluck strings to launch a green finch up a vertical gauntlet as far as possible.

There are thorns and falling cans to avoid, sure, but the main hazard are all the other bald birds. They seem to be ravid and chase your finch with madness in their beady eyes.

Other birds are just large and would crush your finch under their weight.

Luckily, it seems that there will be some power-ups to collect that propel the bird upwards at speed, and without the risk of taking damage. Of course, this won't last forever.

Look out for Cooped Up tomorrow, then. Not that we'll let you forget about it.

Oh, and as to an Android version, we haven't got any confirmation on it yet but it seems likely that it'll happen. We'll let you know when we do.