Nitrome teases chicken-flingin' arcade game Cooped Up

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Nitrome teases chicken-flingin' arcade game Cooped Up
| Cooped Up

Nitrome has only just released the terrific sausage dog simulator Silly Sausage, but it has already started teasing its next mobile game: Cooped Up.

This one looks to mix the endless-running fun of Crossy Road with the ping-back physics of Angry Birds, as you must pluck on elasticated clotheslines to fire a chicken up the screen.

Obstacles include big fat birds that sit in your way and quick chicks that sprint across the screen. Luckily, the simple catapult system gives you complete control over where your character flies.

Looks like our next mobile addiction is just around the corner. We'll let you know when we hear more.

Platform Panic

Plus, the studio has revealed that a new update is coming to Platform Panic that adds "new traps, enemies, levels and backgrounds".