Updated on April 29th, at 9:25: Broken Age is now available on Android, too. You can get it from Google Play here - as the complete two act experience - for £7.99 / $9.99.

It's also available on PS Vita (in the US now, Europe later today), but it's a little more costly over there. It's $24.99, or $17.49 for the first week if you're a PS Plus subscriber, on Vita but is cross-buy with PS4.

We'll have a review of act two soon. My feelings are… mixed.

Original story follows…
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The iOS edition of Broken Age has been updated to include the second half of the adventure - as a free upgrade to current players. Those without the game can jump in now for £7.99 / $9.99.

Developer Double Fine pitched the idea for a classic point and click adventure on Kickstarter three years ago, and quickly raised over $3 million.

At the time, the team said that Kickstarter would "allow consumers to support the games they want to see developed and give the developers the freedom to experiment, take risks, and design without anyone else compromising their vision".

As the game grew in scope, it was eventually split into two chunks. Act one was released last year - we gave it a Bronze Award and said "the first half of Broken Age is charming, gorgeous, and well written."

But we warned that "some might find the obvious puzzles and softer tone aren't quite what they were hoping for".

Now, the full game has finally been finished and delivered to backers. Though, not the iOS edition - you'll have to buy that separately. The entire Broken Age adventure will soon be released on Android and PS Vita, too.

We'll let you know when they're available.