Brrr. Sorry, a shiver just ran down my spine after being reminded of that rather ghastly Dungeon Keeper reboot last year. What triggered it? Evil Genius Online.

Not the 2004 PC title. No, the free-to-play iteration of that particular strategy game that arrived on iOS yesterday.

The similarities with this reboot to Dungeon Keeper's are ... unmissable.

Both are games in which you build the lair of an evil-doer. And in each you're required to hire minions to do your dirty work. And, yes, both have wait timers, multiple in-game currencies, and IAPs.

The difference with Evil Genius Online is that it's more thematically related to James Bond than a demonic dungeon.

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You can also form syndicates with friends and strangers to co-operate in your evil-doings. Together, you can bribe others to get what you need to complete missions, or send in spies to steal it.

If you're able to shake off the bad memories from last year and want to give Evil Genius Online a go, you can download it for free on the App Store.