The mountains shift, the wind blows, the weeks pass, and like clockwork, Kemco releases yet another of its RPGs for iOS and Android.

This time it's called RPG Asdivine Hearts, but the important detail is that the game stars a cat. Yes, a furry feline, and a chubby one at that.

This cat tells Zack and Stella that it's the Light of Deity and will lead them to save the world from the powers of the Shadow.

This is a fantasy RPG so, of course, Zack and Stella hesitate a little but think nothing of being led into battle by a cat.

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The rest of the game is standard fare for a JRPG from Kemco. Turn-based battling, sub-quests, and adventuring for a decent number of hours.

You can purchase RPG Asdivine Hearts at half price right now for £2.49 / $3.99, rather than £5.49 / $7.99 on the App Store [buy].

It's supposed to be the same price on Google Play [buy], but there must have been a technical error as, rather than £2.49, it's listed as £3.99. It should be $3.99 for US folk, though.