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Crossy Road is the most modern version of Frogger you could imagine. It's still about avoiding traffic, but it's now an endless runner, free to play, and has chunky Minecraft-style visuals.

The controls are super simple. You tap to hop one step forward, and swipe left and right to move. There are safe spots to grab your bearings, but plenty of hazards like cars, bullet trains, and rivers.

Best of all, the game is filled with boxy critters to play as, from a pigeon that poops every few steps to a floppy fish to a doge. Wow. Very unlockable. Much secret.

Crossy Road

Oh, and the monetisation is super unobtrusive. You can spend to unlock animals early, but you can also get them in-game by dropping coins into a gashapon machine. Plus, the different beasts are just cosmetic changes.

The game's out November 20th on iPhone and iPad, and may come to other platforms after that. We'll remind you on the day. Because we're nice like that.

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