10tons's latest soft-launched game is Spellspire, which is a mash up of word games and fantasy action-RPGs.

Spellspire has you play the role of a dweeby magician who unwisely battles knights, skeletons, and ferocious monsters. It's not Harry Potter, but it's close.

You have to help him out by picking out letters from a grid in order to create words. Once you've spelled a word out you can then cast it as destructive magic at your enemy.

The rule goes that the longer the word you spell out the more damage it will deal.

With the gold you collect from your fallen enemies you're able to purchase new wands, hat, and robes.

You can also buy consumable spell effects to help you through tougher battles.

Yep, Spellspire is a free to play game, if it wasn't obvious by now.

10tons has currently soft-launched it on the Canadian, Australian, Finnish, Estonian, and New Zealand App Stores.

As it looks like a bit of alright, we'll let you know when Spellspire is available on the global App Stores.