iOS 8

One of the best new features in iOS 8 is the addition of custom keyboards. Android users have been rocking third-party typing implements for eons, but this is all new for Apple users.

But how do you install these fancy new keyboards. Well just follow this handy step by step walkthrough of course, you big silly billy bumpkin.


First things first, download an app that supports custom keyboards from the App Store. For this tutorial we're gonna use Swype.

You'll need to keep this app on your iPhone or iPad for as long as the keyboard is in use. Shove it in a folder along with all the other apps you pretend you don't have. Like Stocks.


Go into Settings, choose 'General', and tap on 'Keyboards'. Tap on 'Keyboards' again and hit 'Add New Keyboard…'


You'll see suggested keyboards, foreign keyboards, and then third-party keyboards. Any installed app with keyboard support will show up here. Just tap on the app you want to add it to your list of keyboards.


Now hit the globe icon on the bottom of the default iOS keyboard to switch to your new control method.

Most keyboard makers will include a button to revert back to the stock keyboard. If not, or you want to uninstall the keyboard, either untick it in the Settings menu or just delete the app entirely.