Dystopian board control simulator Papers, Please is coming to Vita, says PlayStation's indie explorer Shahid Ahmad.

The game is all about working the passport office on the border of a country in a fictional Eastern Bloc. Your job is to check that everyone's documents are in order and correctly accept or reject travellers.

Things quickly go downhill, however, as more complicated documents are introduced. Each passport check takes longer, but you make the same money per stamp, which greatly reduces the salary you take home to your sick family.

So when you're offered a bribe, do you take it?

It's a bleak, affecting look into the dark world of corruption. And it's also just damn good fun to play. Well, as much fun as a virtual simulator of menial labour can be.

No word on when Papers, Please is Vita bound, sadly. We'll let you know when we know. For now: All Glory to Artstozka.