Papers, Please, the hit indie game from 2013, is releasing on iOS and Android next month

Papers, Please, the hit indie game from 2013, is releasing on iOS and Android next month

Lucas Pope is one of the most creative minds in the indie game world and has created epic titles like Return of the Obra Dinn, Republia Times, Helsing’s Fire, Six Degrees of Sabotage, The Sea has No Claim, and so many more. But a game that stands out from the list is the dystopian Papers, Please. It launched nearly a decade ago in 2013 on PC and was extremely well-received The game went on to win numerous awards like the Best Game of 2013, the BAFTA for Strategy & Simulation, and Top Indie Game of 2013.

But, in the last nine years Papers, Please was mainly played on PC, with some iOS users being able to enjoy it on iPad. Things will change now as Lucas Pope took to Twitter to announce that Papers, Please will be arriving on the App Store and Google Play so that Android and iPhone users can enjoy playing the masterpiece. The game will be downloadable on both from August 5th and those who have the iPad app will merely need to update it to play the new version.

Papers, Please takes place in Arstotzka, a fictional and dystopian eastern bloc-like country where players assume the role of a border-crossing immigration officer. Their duty sees them review passports and related documents from tonnes of citizens which they must scrutinize according to the tools and guides, based on which they must accept the perfect ones, while rejecting people with incomplete information, and detain those who falsify it. Performing tasks correctly will earn the player money to spend on survival. The story has 20 different endings which completely depend on the actions taken.

Which ending will you find? Papers, Please will release on Android and iOS on August 5th. It won’t be free but we aren’t sure of premium that will be charged yet.

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