Firefly Runner is an endless runner with pretty graphics and simple, satisfying gameplay.

You can pay to get rid of the ads, and part of the proceeds go to the gaming-focused charities GamesAid and SpecialEffect.

It's not a remarkable game by any means - especially considering how jam-packed the genre is with top-notch offerings - but it's curiously relaxing for an endless runner, making it a good choice for younger players.

Switchin' to glide

Firefly Runner stars Switch, a little red firefly who's swift of foot. Switch's friends have been captured and locked up by hostile bugs, and he needs to free them. His liberation plan seemingly involves running. Like, a lot of running.

Switch trundles down an endless path that switches between various environments. He tours swamps, lakes, caves, and beautiful forests decked out in all the colours of spring and autumn.

Tapping on the left side of the screen makes Switch jump. Holding the screen causes him to lift off. Flying is vital for getting around certain hazards, including sharp rocks and pools of water.

Tapping an enemy makes Switch toss a cherry at it. He can pick up more ammunition as he runs. He can also pick up keys, which open up the cages restraining his buggy buddies. Rescuing his friends gives you lots of bonus points.

You've seen it all before

Firefly Runner looks good, and its controls are sharp. Switch jumps as soon as he receives the order, and the physics driving his flight are easy to wrap your hands around.

Firefly Runner's major flaw, unfortunately, is that it's repetitive. You blaze across the same environments over and over, and you encounter the same groups of enemies time after time.

There are seemingly no power-ups either, which is a strange omission for an endless runner.

It'd be nice to see Switch light himself up and blaze through the bad guys. Or at the very least do something a little different from time to time.

Firefly Runner is also a bit slow. The action speeds up the longer you stay in the race, but Switch plods for a long time before he cuts loose.

On the one hand it means the game lacks impetus. On the other, being eased into the action means the game is a good option for youngsters.

A nice, simple footrace

Switch isn't the fastest thing alive, but Firefly Runner is still worth a download if you want a running game that takes things easy.

Just don't expect anything as spectacular as real fireflies putting on a summer show.