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Updated on March 19th, at 17:20: Heads up: Luftrausers is now available on the European PlayStation Store, too. It'll set you back £7.29 - or £5.83 if you're a PlayStation Plus member. Which you probably should be, at this point.

Vlambeer's seven-colour shooter Luftrausers is now available to buy on the PS Vita store in the US, for $9.99 (or $7.99 if you're on PS Plus).

This is a manic arcade dog-fighting game where you try to see how long you can last against an endless mob of enemy jets, boats, and battleships.

There's a boss to kill, a hundred mini-missions to finish, and online leaderboards to chase. Along the way you'll grab new weapons, bodies, and engines which can be mixed and matched in roughly 125 different combinations.


We had high praise for the game in our Gold Award review, saying "Luftrausers is - when at its best - among the most enjoyable experiences you can have on Vita."

We also name-checked Spelunky twice, so you know we're serious.

Sold? You can get Luftrausers now as a cross-buy title, which means you get the PS3 version for free. It's out in Europe tomorrow.

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