There are moments in gaming that stick with you for a long time. Slices of emotionally loaded play that mirror your own life experiences and help you forge lasting, important memories.

For example, I just got squished by a giant unexpected sky fist.

That's the sort of thing that happens in Only One, a free sword-fighting arena game in which you battle through waves of knights, frogs, archers, and other creatures to prove that the singular entity mentioned in the title is you.

Beneath the scratchy pixel-art style, though, there's a surprisingly deep scrapper.

You'll power-up your sword, adding new abilities as you hack down your foes. With some abilities, you can push bad guys away. With others, you'll feel stronger when you're low on health.

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There are boss battles every ten levels. In these, you take on goons with health bars larger than yours and with attacks that can leave you reeling.

Throw in a cruel sense of humour and a simple control system that makes it easy to jump in and slash, and you've got one hilariously brutal chunk of mobile gaming.

Only One might lose its spark after a while, sure. But if you fancy having a crack at emulating Jet Li in The One or Christopher Lambert in Highlander, head over to the App Store [download] or the Google Play Store [download] and grab it now for nowt.