There's something a bit off about Bloodstroke. All of its gory action is flighty, lacking a connection to the gameworld underneath or the inputs that you're making. Goons explode in splashes of gore, but you rarely feel like it's your fault.

It's very much a case of style over substance, but even the style feels a little flat and detached, with great empty spaces and strange animation giving the whole experience a lacklustre, unfinished feel.

As John Woo productions go, it fits more into his Hollywood period than his Hong Kong heyday.

Doves and guns

You play as a bodyguard with the codename Lotus, tasked with protecting a computer developer. The pair of you run through a series of levels, you cutting bloody swathe through the triads and assassins sent to stop you, him sort of cowering and getting shot.

Lotus doesn't take any damage - so you're free to run around as you like, murdering anything that gets too close. Melee attacks are automatic if you're within range, while your guns are fired with a tap on a button, and always target the closest bad guy.

It's a strange setup, and makes for some ungainly play as you stomp around, butchering anything nearby until you get stuck on a bit of scenery or miss out on a bike-riding crazy who ploughs into your charge and brings the level to a premature end.

You get cash for each completed mission that you can spend on upgrades, new weapons, and a variety of ordnance from grenades to rocket launchers. You can toughen up the scientist too, giving him bulletproof vests and extra hit points.

Mission: Improbable

It's certainly an interesting premise, but it lacks the spark it needs to remain interesting. You never really feel in jeopardy - especially not for the first few levels - and if you're smart with your upgrades you can waltz through most of the game.

Although 'float' might be a better word for it. You'll spend most of Bloodstroke running around like a headless chicken, frictionless and free to slaughter anyone who gets in your way. And after about five minutes that gets really, really old.