Yo ho, yo ho a... lawyer's life for me?

That's the song Phoenix Wright will be singing in the Turnabout Reclaimed DLC case that just landed on the eShop courtesy of Cacpcom.

In the rollicking maritime caper, Wright springs to the aid of the pirate actress Sasha Buckler, who's desperately seeking a legal defender to exonerate her friend Orla from charges of manslaughter.

The only catch? Orla is a whale, and she has a moustache.


We had mixed feelings toward Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies in our review.

While we felt that "it's not a bad game by any means", we also noted that "the stories and characters are horribly weak".

Perhaps we might have felt differently if Capcom included the Turnabout Reclaimed story in the original game - after all, it's hard to top the legal drama of a moustached whale who's staring down the barrel of a murder charge.

Turnabout Reclaimed is available on the eShop for $5.99 / £3.99, and it also has a pretty incredible trailer that you should watch below.

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