Gameloft has a heritage of creating some genuinely ambitious mobile games - ones that usually turn out to be pretty darn good too. Just take a look at The Dark Knight Rises or Assassin's Creed III.

Iron Man 3 still manages to avoid the pit that most film tie-ins fall into, but it’s just not quite up there with Gameloft's previous offerings.

Stark moments

Loosely following the story of the Iron Man 3 film, Gameloft's title plays out over ten levels that gradually escalate the action.

These levels switch between side-scrolling Streets of Rage-style brawling, top-down bullet-hell fun, and the odd first-person shooting section with the suit's hand cannon.

You've also got three missions you can undertake in each level to add some longevity once you've finished the Story mode.

It's certainly a nice mixture, but no one section feels polished enough to stand out on its own.

Side-scrolling sections feel clumsy due to the eight-way movement and finicky flying mechanics; the bullet-hell sections aren't frantic enough and, once more, hard to control with any grace; and the FPS moments run a little too slowly to make them engaging.

However, when put all together Iron Man 3 is an entertaining and enjoyable bit of fun on your mobile.

There's plenty to do here and it’ll last you a fair while too -it's just let down by its own ambition.