Even if you've never heard of Gaijin's upcoming iOS and Vita fast-paced rhythm game Runner 2 before, you'll probably be aware of the Bit.Trip series from which it is derived.

The Runner games star Commander Video and his rainbow cape. In this series of games, your reflexes are put to the ultimate test. Oh, and the worlds are full of bizarre characters.

Runner 2 is - as you might imagine - an auto-runner, so all you're tasked with doing is pressing one of four buttons to jump, slide, and kick to avoid being hit by obstacles or falling into pits. One mistake, and you'll have to restart from the last checkpoint.

Speaking to Cult of Mac, Gaijin pointed out that some parts of Runner 2's levels have been reworked from the existing PC and console versions for the less responsive touchscreens of an iPhone and a Vita.

Rather than tapping to jump up each step in a flight of stairs, for example, you will be delighted to read that Commander Video will auto-jump up them in the iOS and Vita versions.

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Other than that slight alteration, the iOS and Vita versions of Runner 2 will be identical to the existing console and PC versions of the game.

There's no word yet on prices for the iOS and Vita versions of Runner 2, but we do know that they should be available this winter.