If you weren't quite sure whether cutesy cartoon horizontal shooter DOT Space Hero was worthy of your 69p / 99c, then fear no more.

A lite version of 1Coin's game is now available, you see, so you no longer have to pay before you play.

While the full version of DOT Space Hero contains four worlds to shoot across, the free version of the game boasts just four levels (including one boss fight).

In the game itself, you play DOT, a space traveller who "loves to play video games and eat super delicious stardust".

You use one of your thumbs to control DOT's jet pack and evade obstacles at different heights. You use the other thumb to rapidly fire DOT's laser pistol at the hostile aliens.

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The reason for DOT's jaunt across various planets is to recover the shiny stardust treat stolen from him while playing some games. Thus, he heads out on an intergalactic bounty hunt.

While you can only play up to level 2-1 in the free version, be aware that DOT will be fighting sandstorms, living plants, deadly insects, guardian robots, and giants in later sections.

You may as well give the free version of DOT Space Hero a try. You might just find it to be a pleasant and challenging take on classic 16-bit shooters.