Everything is bigger in China.

And that's certainly the case when it comes to plushies.

At its press conference at the ChinaJoy show in Shanghai, publisher Yodo1 had some massive plushies on display from Zeptolab's Cut the Rope and Get Set Games' Mega Run....

Of course not.

These particular Om Nom and Redford characters were wearable costumes that two sturdy gents had to wear for a couple of hours. Hot work.

Other games that Yodo1 is publishing in China include TinyCo's SpellStorm - represented by two comely young ladies in somewhat cooler uniforms - and Defiant's Ski Safari represented by a man in a Frank Sidebottom costume (makes sense if you're a certain age and from the UK).

Om Nom in his Egyptian get-up

Redford - big and red (ford)

Costumes looking for (human) legs

Does his dentist tell him to eat fewer sweets?

Redford could do with going on a diet too

The Yodo1 costume line-up

Sugar and spice

Look at the wings on that, etc

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And a quick video of the set-up.