A couple of weeks ago, I chatted to Darya Trushkina from interactive comic/ebook NARR8.

One of the topics we spoke about was why the Moscow-based company hadn't done any big licensing deals yet.

"It's very expensive, and we're still a small company, but timeframe is the real issue," she said.

"It takes at least six month to do, and we can't afford to be slow. We need to be fast to be successful."

Instead NARR8 was looking to engage with its 800,000-strong community across iOS and Android, rolling out tools so they could make their own animated books and comics.

That tool - called StoryBuilder - is now live. You can check it out here.

Write it yourself

The company says StoryBuilder enables you to mash up content already provided by NARR8 or create original content by adding images, sounds, animation and special effects to create your own stories.

There's also the opportunity to make some money too.

All user-generated content will be available free of charge, but once an episode hits 1,000 downloads, you'll be able to sell unlockable content and features for NARRs, NARR8's virtual currency.

NARR8 will also implement a real-money revenue-sharing model, although it hasn't released details yet.

You can see my interview with Darya Trushkina below.

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