After a spell of exclusivity on the Canadian App Store, the third instalment in PopCap's popular Bookworm series has finally gone global.

Bookworm Heroes is a word game disguised as a turn-based brawler. Or maybe it's the other way around.

Anyway, your goal is to make the biggest words possible from a letter grid in the centre of the screen.

You and your online pal's respective characters will then duke it out, earning points for the number of letters used. You can also use modifiers like Gem Tiles to boost your overall score and help you secure victory against your wordy foe.

If you don't fancy playing as a worm, you have the option in Bookworm Heroes to play as famous literary characters, such as Shakespeare's own Hamlet.

These lettered legends come complete with their own special powers. You can even enlist the help of magical pets capable of increasing your health and damage-dealing skills.

You can download Bookworm Heroes for free from the App Store right now.