PopCap launches turn-based word fighter Bookworm Heroes on iOS in Canada

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PopCap launches turn-based word fighter Bookworm Heroes on iOS in Canada
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PopCap has finally released the third entry in its much-loved Bookworm word game series. Bookworm Heroes is a turn-based multiplayer fighter, and it's out now on iPhone and iPad in Canada.

In this game, you'll go head-to-head with your pals, and do damage to your opponent by finding lengthy anagrams in the letter tiles provided.

It does sound a tad like the recently released Writer Rumble - but this time it's asynchronous.

To turn the tide of battle in your favour, you can recruit Heroes (literary figures like Hamlet) who will use their special powers to supercharge your words. You can also bring pets for added bonuses, or mix gem-studded tiles into your anagrams.


You can play head-to-head against your pals by logging in to your Facebook account, or you can choose a random opponent. And you'll earn coins as you play, or you can just buy them with in-app purchases.

The Bookworm series kicked off with letter-connecting puzzler Bookworm, which eventually made its way to iOS. There's also the fantastic RPG-style Bookworm Adventures, which - criminally - has never surfaced on the App Store.

Bookworm Heroes is currently undergoing a public beta in Canada, but it should hit international App Stores soon. If you're from the Great White North, let us know how it is, ey?

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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