Word games and quiz games aren't in short supply on smartphones, so combining the two genres isn't a bad idea if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Milestone Interactive Group's latest title, Worbble, does exactly this. And its developer hopes players find it to be an inspired concoction. Jayont R Sharma, chairman and CEO at Milestone Interactive Group, spoke to us about why his team decided to combine the two gaming genres, why Worbble should appeal to both puzzle and word game enthusiasts, and why it encourages competitive play between players.

Its name might be a little peculiar, but playing a game of Worbble is easy enough to get your head around.

"Worbble is a unique 'brain game' that combines a word game with a challenging quiz mode," Sharma tells us.

"What makes it unique and differentiates the game from others is the fact that you pop bubbles to make words. Oh, and that you answer questions instead of forming words from individual lettered tiles on a game board.

"Also, most word games have static alphabets, but in Worbble the letters appear dynamically. This means that no two game sessions are the same."

Sharma also says that Worbble can be played by anyone, too - whatever the player's age or skill with words.

"Worbble will appeal to word game players and quizzers alike. The USP of the game is that it combines both these aspects in the same game.

"Our research has clearly indicated that people who like quiz games are also predisposed towards word games and vice versa. Thus, while playing Worbble the player can easily juggle between both the modes and does not need to pay extra or download two different apps."

Designing the setup to be enjoyable for a large audience was important, but making sure the questions suit a range of cultures was essential.

"Getting our question bank ready and suited to a diverse audience was indeed a challenge, and we must congratulate our team of experts for doing such a commendable job," Sharma says.

"As a starting point, we put together a question bank of over 3,500 questions covering topics such as entertainment; sports; art & literature; and history. We've ensured that the questions are common knowledge yet still challenging."

Considering the setup, it's no surprise to discover that Worbble gives you ample opportunity to compete with your friends, including through some social networks you might have heard of.

"We have integrated popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter into our game to enable players to post their high scores and share their achievements with friends and family, thus making their Worbble experience socially interactive and engaging," Sharma states.

If you fear that the questions might start to be repeated after you've played the game a few times, though, don't worry: Sharma says his team has already addressed that issue.

"We will be continuously supporting the game with updates that will include new gameplay modes as well as question packs," he reveals.

"We will soon be adding word modes, such as a Champions mode, Survival mode, and Jumbled Word mode. We plan to progressively increase the size of our question bank to over 10,000+ questions, categorized into sports, history, entertainment, geography, and so on, in order to further enhance your quiz experience."

So, with all the work being put into the game - and work yet to be done - what exactly is Sharma the most proud of?

"We are proud of the fact that as an Indian company we have delivered a world-class product that will appeal to a wide international audience," he reveals.

"We are also delighted to be the first to combine the simple joy of a word game with the challenge of a quiz mode, thus offering an unmatched gaming experience and a fantastic value proposition."

You can download Worbble as a Universal app on your iPad and iPhone now. It costs £1.49 / $1.99 [iTunes link], though a free Lite version is also available [iTunes link].

An HD iPad-only version is also available for the same price [iTunes link], alongside a Lite version [iTunes link].

The game is also available on Android for £1.24 [Google Play link]. You can grab a Lite version on there, too [Google Play link].

Sharma tells us that a Windows 8 version is also being considered.

You can see the trailer for Worbble in all its glory below.

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