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By Ubisoft - download for iPhone or download for iPad

MotoHeroz is a Trials HD-esque racer that tasks you with jumping behind the wheel of six upgradable vehicles and speeding across 30 hazard-filled landscapes in the shortest time possible.

You can compete against AI-controlled opponents in single-player mode, or fire up your engines and challenge your best buddies to an asynchronous multiplayer race.

MotoHeroz nabbed a shiny Pocket Gamer Silver Award at review, so be sure to grab it right away.

By FingerLab - download for iPhone or download for iPad

In this collection of mini-games, you follow protagonist Albert throughout an entire day's worth of adventures, which include a hot air balloon ride and a date with one of his lovely lady friends.

Most of this title's 20 mini-games take full advantage of the iPhone's hardware. One game asks you to blow a bubble using your device's microphone, for example, while others ask you to tilt your phone or utilise its multi-touch tech.