As stress relief techniques go, few can beat taking on the role of an omnipotent being and squishing people like bugs.

At least, that's what I find. Maybe I should talk to someone.

If you're of the same peculiar persuasion and you own a fairly decent Android phone, you'll be interested to read that AMA has launched a free version of Babel Rising 3D. You can download it now from the Google Play Store.

In this game, you fend off the efforts of the ancient Babylonians to build the tower of Babel by dropping boulders on them, burning them up with fire, zapping them with lightning, and by other deeply destructive supernatural means.

Divine intervention

If you've already purchased the premium version, then don't worry - you have an altogether more divine version. AMA says that premium users "still benefit from their exclusive access to more unlocked content and no advertising."

As well as releasing this new free version of Babel Rising 3DS, AMA is beavering away on a bunch of fresh updates to the title that should go live over the coming weeks. These will include "new passive powers, new parchments, challenges to achieve, new game modes and other surprises."

You can download the free version of Babel Rising 3D here [download].

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