American McGee's Spicy Horse Games studio has created several games based on fairy tales, including the upcoming Akaneiro: Demon Hunters for tablets.

The latest game off McGee's Shanghai-based studio's production line isn't just inspired by one fairy tale, though.

Due to launch on web browsers, iOS, and Android later this year, Spicy Horse Games's Crazy Fairies: One World seeks inspiration, in fact, in a number of fairy tales from across the world, including Arabian Nights.

Crazy money

A Worms-style turn-based multiplayer game, Crazy Fairies: One World will encourage you to use different weapons to destroy your opponents on the 2D battlefield.

However, in order to spruce things up a bit, Spicy Horse Games has included a few 3D levels in the game, too, each of which has a single point of focus. This makes aiming and attacking that much more complex.

A free-to-play title, Crazy Fairies: One World will rely on in-app purchases to generate some revenue for the developer. This means you're paying out for weapons, items, or skills should you wish to speed up your progress.

One potential bone of contention with this IAP setup, mind, is the fact you'll have to fork out real money to have another crack at the co-ops levels in any 24-hour period should you fail during your one 'gratis' attempt per day at them.

Crazy Fairies: One World will be released on PC, iOS, and Android later this year. You can sign up to take part in the closed beta over at the official site.