UPDATE: As everyone's noticed, Asphalt 7 has missed its release date. Gameloft has told us it hopes to have more details on when the game will be out next week. Original article follows:

Asphalt 7: Heat, the latest addition to Gameloft's brilliant street racing series, will be powersliding onto the Google Play Store today, and the good news for Xperia Play owners is that the game is fully optimised for their stylish slide-out controllers.

With 60 fully licensed cars, 15 tracks, and the new Asphalt Tracker system - which lets you keep in touch with how well your friends are doing and brag when you beat their lap times - Asphalt 7: Heat looks set to at least match the Silver Award-winning achievement of its immediate predecessor.

So, if you like your racers kitted out with gorgeous graphics and loads of multiplayer features, then keep a close eye on the Google Play Store for the imminent arrival of Asphalt 7: Heat.

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