It's all looking a bit grim for UK games retailer GAME and its sister store Gamestation, as owner Game Group is struggling to stay afloat in an industry that is rapidly moving away from retail in favour of digital.

It's got so bad, in fact, that the abovementioned stores have started a fire sale. From today, loads of games and consoles will be going cheap in all their stores. Of course, that means there are plenty of bargains for us consumers to grab.

As reported by SavyGamer, both GAME and Gamestation are currently selling the original Nintendo DS (you know: the giant grey one) for just £20 pre-owned, while the DS Lite pre-owned is £35.

You can also grab an original PSP for £30 pre-owned, a PSP 2000 for £40 pre-owned, and a PSP Go for £50 pre-owned.

In terms of games, there are plenty of good offers for you to take advantage of. In particular, you can grab the incredible Advance Wars: Dark Conflict on DS for just £1.98 pre-owned from GAME's online store, while a brand-new copy of Aliens Infestation on DS is a mere £7.98.