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Space Inversion
By Silverline Arts - download for iPhone and iPad

Space Inversion is a colourful Space Invaders-esque shoot-'em-up that charges you with destroying waves of invading aliens. We're pretty sure you'd already guessed that, though.

You can control your spacecraft throughout the game's two modes - Classic and Turbo - using three different control 'methods': your device's touchscreen, your device's accelerometer, and the iCade peripheral.

Space Inversion 2
By Silverline Arts - download for iPhone or download for iPad

Space Inversion 2, much like its abovementioned predecessor, tasks you with defending earth from alien nasties. There are a bunch of new features in this sequel, though, such as an Arcade game mode.

This mode sees you battle it out with "regenerating aliens". Thankfully, it also introduces several power-ups that should give you the upper hand.

An expansion pack, which is available through a 69p / 99c in-app purchase, offers a further two modes: Mega Turbo and Bonus.

Space Inversion Puzzle
By Silverline Arts - download for iPhone and iPad

Yes, more aliens. This time around, however, you'll have to solve a variety of puzzles before you blast the little blighters to smithereens.

Basically, you have to use your powerful tractor beam to move shielded aliens and rocks around your device's screen before shooting detonators to get rid of the pesky invaders.

Retro Dust
By Silverline Arts - download for iPhone or download for iPad

Retro Dust is another space-based title that pits you - in one of four different spaceships - against massive meteor fields and waves of alien invaders.

There are five different game modes to have a go at - Arcade, Invasion, Time, Super Chunk, and Survival - and two difficulty modes to master.