After arriving in the US and Japan back in December, location-specific download service Nintendo Zone has finally made its way to European shores.

3DS owners who attended UK-based culture event Hyper Japan flipped open their consoles to discover a Nintendo Zone app notification.

Upon selecting the icon, users were treated to a digital version of the event schedule, an option to download one of five demos, and an episode of anime series One Piece.

Getting in the zone

The Nintendo Zone service, which utilises the 3DS's SpotPass functionality, allows Nintendo's partners to provide exclusive content to customers who visit their stores or business spaces.

Earlier this month, Pokemon fans were lured out to 29,000 Nintendo Zone locations in the US with the promise of full-length episodes, trading card info, and general franchise news.

We'll be sure to fill you in on Nintendo Zone deals in Europe -as and when they go live - once the service is rolled out across the region.