Addictive Gold Award-winning iOS puzzler Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint, which was recently nominated for a BAFTA Video Game Award, will soon be updated with a host of new features and content.

The forthcoming update will introduce 20 all-new Tricky Classic Game tables and 20 Fiendish Classic Game tables, as well as two new game prototypes: Squish and ISMMTTM.

Once the update drops, you'll even be able to play the pre-existing Relentless Arcade Game for free. You can't argue with that.


Finally, the refresh, which is expected to the hit the App Store "within a week or so", will add Pegs and Struts to new Classic Game tables, give you the ability to undo and replay moves, and let you have a crack at earning a place in a special Hall of Fame.

"We will still continue developing Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint further after this update with ideas in the works for new tables, new Arcade modes, and some other variations which we will prototype in the game," John Pickford, one of the game's designers, said.


Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint has been nominated for a BAFTA Video Game Award in the Mobile and Handheld category.

"It's great news that a tiny original game like Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint is getting recognition from the likes of BAFTA," John Pickford said.

"The industry is starting to appreciate high quality games, even if they don't have the flashiest graphics, or jump on the latest fad."

You can download Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint from the App Store as a Universal app for free by hitting the button below.