Magnetic Billiards maker pokes fun at Curiosity in Poposity update

What's inside your wallet?

Magnetic Billiards maker pokes fun at Curiosity in Poposity update

The latest update to the Pickford Brothers's Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint game includes a special mode that lampoons Peter Molyneux's experimental time waste Curiosity.

In this new "Poposity: What's inside your wallet" mode, you are presented with a screenful of bubbles that you can pop with a tap.

Sure, you can get combos and a high score. But, the game just keeps throwing up more bubbles to pop. Forever. It's a game that requires "no skill, no timing, and no intellect".

He shoots, he scores

In this new mode, the Pickford Brothers are sporting Molyneux-esque black turtlenecks, and spout gibberish like "Completing Poposity may change your wife."

And "Poposity is the second to last in a series of experiments we are conducting in reverse order."

The game also contains tools that help you tap more bubbles in one go, but you'll need to fork out real cash to get them - much like in Curiosity's latest update.

In less silly news, this latest Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint update also includes full screen support for the iPhone 5 (and uses the extra space to show the scores needed for each Grade), Retina visuals for iPad, and a "Games We Like" section.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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