Controversial iPhone tower-management sim Dream Heights has finally set up residence on the European App Store.

The game, which puts you in charge of a tower block and all of its residents, caused a minor uproar when it debuted on the Canadian App Store back in January.

Upon downloading Zynga's latest freemium title, players couldn't help but notice the game's striking similarity to Tiny Tower, a highly popular freemium building-management sim from NimbleBit.

Both games require you to nurture a thriving ecosystem within the confines of a tower block. In order to add floors to your high rise, you have to keep the tower's residents happy, provide them with jobs, and generate money to pay for continued development.

Tower blocked

In fact, Dream Heights shares so many design features with Tiny Tower that NimbleBit's Ian March tweeted a mock congratulation to the members of the Dream Heights development team, thanking them for being "such big fans of our iPhone game of the year".

The issue of copycat games / clones has become a hot topic of late, with Triple Town developer Spry Fox bypassing Twitter and going straight to the courts with a complaint against 6waves Lolapps's own match-three puzzler Yeti Town.

It's not only developers who are voicing their opposition to iOS game cloning, mind. After only a few hours of going live in Europe, Dream Heights has attracted a host of one-star App Store reviews from angry gamers, keen to scold Zynga and redirect punters to the "real thing": Tiny Tower.

If you want to make up your own mind, or simply want another tower-building sim on your iPhone, you can download Dream Heights for free from the App Store now.